Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You know you’re back in Germany when....

...people start applauding after touch down....hahaha. Ohh and those German people are so weird. The way they are talking. And the flight attendants on the plane.....I refused to talk German to them. I pretended I was American :-D But one of those TUSSIS kept on talking German to me. I responded with “sorry?” and then she said it in English. HAHA.. Of course there were some nice male flight attendants as well. Very funny…
So after ...(well on my watch it looks like no time cause it was 6pm when I left San Jose and not it’s 6pm here in Munich) .... a looooong time and flight I am back in Germany and it feels like a German part in a theme park. So fake... I don’t know. Especially because it's Oktoberfest in Munich at the moment it's like all the ideas Americans have of Germans are true :D

But let’s go back to my last day in CA:
Yesterday morning I went to church with my host family again and after that we had lunch at aCalifornia Pizza Kitchen. And sooner then I wanted 3pm to come it was there and we left to the airport. And of course my suitcases were too heavy. I didn’t weigh them. I repacked some stuff in the other suitcase so only one of them was too heavy and I “only” had to pay 100$ extra. (Hahaha my I-pod is so funny...it’s playing “if you’re going to San Francisco....” right now. Thank you I pod, I already had the crazy frog...)
Anyways....Katte, Sarah, Alina and a big cup of Yogurtland also came to the airport!Next, I had to say bye to my host family  :-( I still don’t really realize that I won’t see the boys everyday anymore now.
Luckily, I had my FroYo to cheer me up a little :-) Of course that didn’t last long cause there were some more goodbyes waiting. So when it was time to pass security those tissues were really useful ;-) (I had to use it on the plane again, cause that was the (funkytown...are you serious??? this ipod loves me!!)  only one I had in my pocket hahaha but you can still read it :-D)
I was so tired I already fell asleep on the plane to LA. After I cried like a Baby when the plane took off from San Jose ground. That was such a weird feeling.

In LA I had to bring all my stuff to the international terminal. That took so much effort.....to my surprise the handle of my suitcase didn’t break completely. Not yet....:-D When I finally arrived at my Lufthansa gate it was almost time to board and my return to ze land of smiles und sunshine began!
The flight was okay. Although I just wanted to sleep after take off I had to stay awake and wait for the fooooood. And unlike some nice American airlines which don’t even give you a snack on an 8 hours flight to Hawaii, Lufthansa gives you a snack and serves dinner including dessert (which was chocolate so I couldn’t eat it) 10 minutes later. I started watching Alice in Wonderland but then decided to try to sleep after dinner. It didn’t really work though. My body hurt like crazy. Good thing was that one of the seats next to me was empty so my backpack was under that seat and I was able to stretch my legs. But still it’s not very comfortable. I don’t remember what I did then. I think I listened to music. At around 4 am I took a headache pill cause my head was exploding. After that I went to the bathroom and walked around for a bit and then I actually fell asleep until they woke me up for breakfast at 6am....really????? I don’t eat breakfast. Well I did eat it and it was quite good but I was SLEEPING!!!! So the time went by fast and we landed earlier than planned.
In Munich they stopped ME for Zoll Kontrolle..whatever that word is in English. So I had to open my suitcase and backpack. And the woman was so unfriendly. After IIII had to repack my stuff she let me go.....Off to security check. And guess who had to open her bags again... MEEEEE. An the woman took everything out of my suitcase and backpack and IIIII had to put it in there again. So much fun! I was the only one there with carry on luggage which made me the perfect victim :-D and those Germans....hahaha there was a group of guys and one of them had to take his shoes of and that was such a BIG THING. They couldn’t believe it. And one of them had to take his Bavarian hat off. Too bad.
Now I’m sitting at my gate and I'm waiting for my flight to Cologne which should have taken off 10 minutes ago but the plane just arrived so it’s gonna take at least 40 minutes longer until I will be there. And I’m getting so tired now. My eyes don’t really stay open anymore. That’s when you have 6 hours sleeps within the last 3 days. And I am HUNGRY!!! I can’t wait for my BRÖTCHEN!!!!!!