Thursday, April 7, 2016

The day we missed the train while waiting on the platform and more

I needed a couple of days to recover from the Easter trip but we went all in again for the weekend! We went bowling on Friday night (California au pair memories 😊 ) and enjoyed some drinks and live music after. On Saturday, Lana and me went to the hairdresser. Head massage and all for $20...uhhh! Thanks again to my lovely roomie Roma for the coupon :* ! I did a little bit of shopping afterwards. In the evening we had our big night out! We met up at our place and went to Crown (the multi entertainment complex I mentioned in my first Perth post 😉). We went dancing in the nightclub! So fun! Wasn't easy though to get everyone there and we may have lost some along the road! 😉 That was also the night we managed to miss the train...twice! The first time was due to lack of speed from some members of the group 😉 The second time was pure stupidity!! We were on the platform and the train arrived. It stopped in the very front and we were more in the middle/ very back of the platform. We didn't see the need to actually walk a little faster to get on the train...big mistake! 😁 At one point I started running and wanted to hold the doors but they will simply squeeze you if you stay in between..haha I will never forget the faces of everyone when we realized we actually managed to miss that train 😂😂 we couldn't believe that that had just happened! Luckily the next train was due in 8 minutes so we didn't have to wait another half hour. Fun times!

Waiting for the train...again ;)
Eve Nightclub

On Sunday we went to Scarborough beach! The water was still warm enough to swim. We stayed until sunset. The sky was really beautiful! And we got to see a big, public proposal!

This week has been pretty quiet so far. Got a little sick (again). Not the best idea to go back into the ocean at 4.30pm when the sun sets at 6 :D We had a nice BBQ on monday and I did some East Coast trip planning (and lots of blogging) the past days. Today, I went out for a lovely dinner with my amazing flatmates Roma and Miguel. We went to GRAND Bar & Birstro in Perth CBD. It was really fancy and yuuuuummmy!!! The food was soooo good and I had one of the best cocktails ever! Great night!

The roomies!
"We'll instagram that shit!"
The whole place to ourselves

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Easter Roadtrip to Exmouth/ Ningaloo Reef

I went on a roadtrip up north to Exmouth for the long easter weekend. 4 German girls and their camping gear packed in a teeny tiny rental car with 1300km to go! We left Perth around 4pm on Thursday and tried to go as far up north as we could before it got dark. It's really dangerous to drive here at night because of the kangaroos, cows, sheep and other wildlife on the road (and yes we did see a bunch of dead kangaroos on the road :( even a dead cow...). We stopped at a nice (and free) camping spot along the road right by the ocean. It was super windy and the moon was crazy bright that night so we had trouble sleeping but the view the next morning was worth it!! The sunrise was insane! At first, I thought that the view of the ocean was pretty nice already but then I got out of my tent and turned around......WOW! It's also way more fun to brush your teeth looking at the Indian ocean than only seeing my sleepy face in the mirror in the morning ;) So, so worth the little sleep we got!

The view out of my tent at sunrise
My new crib ;)
The actual sunrise! Sooo worth to get up early for that!
We left pretty early to make our way to Monkey Mia/ Shark Bay. We knew we were gonna miss the dolphin feeding in the morning but it was still a really nice place to hang out at the beach. Just before getting to Monkey Mia we stopped at Shell Beach which is a beach full of sea shells. At night we stayed at an actual campsite with showers in Hamelin Pool/ Shark Bay. They use sea salt water for the showers but it was still pretty nice to take an actual shower :D Spoiled brats going camping...;)

Shell Beach
Monkey Mia
Emu couldn't care less
The next morning we took a brief walk to the Stromatolites ("living fossils"). Besides the Bahamas, Hamelin Pool is the only place on earth where Stromatolites can be found! If you're keen on knowing more about it click here ;)

We got back on the road for another couple of hours. We did a brief stop in Geraldton. There is this nice place with old train tracks and old trains and other 'vehicles'.

in Geraldton
The next stop was Coral Bay. We got there in the early afternoon and had a couple of hours to enjoy the beach and the nice warm water. They had a fish feeding at 3pm. They gave a bit of food to everyone to give to the fish. At one point I was standing there in the water with my phone and heaps of fish swimming around me. We did some snorkeling afterwards and enjoyed the sunset later with some vino. We had a hostel booked for that night which felt like a luxury hotel to us at that point!!

Coral Bay - Panorama style

                                                    the fish feeding

The finest wine we could fine ;)
Wine at the beach...oh oh!
Sunday morning we reached our final destination: Exmouth/ Ningaloo Reef. We stopped at a couple of nice snorkeling areas and beaches. Snorkeling was quite a challenge for me (mostly due to my Asthma) but it was amazing to see so many colorful fish around the corals! You just need to swim a couple of meters from the beach to see this beautiful marine life! We spent most of the day at Turqoise Bay. This little place on earth is simply unbelievably beautiful! We took tons of pictures, did some more snorkeling and worked on our tan. We ended the day with a nice sunset at the Vlaming House Lighthouse. You got a wonderful view from up there. After the sun had set we made our way back to Coral Bay for the night at yet another campsite. We left right after sunrise on monday as we had a 12 hour roadtrip ahead of us. It was an awesome trip but I was super excited to have my bed and my shower back in Perth! ;) 

Oyster Stacks
Snorkeling at Oyster Stacks
Turqoise Bay
Lovin' Australia
Turqoise Bay
Sunset at the lighthouse

And then the sun fell through the clouds...
Thanks for the great roadtrip, girls!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kangaroos, Kings Park Picnic, Rooftop Movies, St. Patrick's Day, Sandboarding ....

I'm busy indeed....Lot's of things to blog about since my last post :D And yes, I'm struggling with keeping up with it :D

After my last event (like a month ago) my colleagues and me went down to the little cove near my place to enjoy some wine and all of the sudden a DOLPHIN showed up!!! I was so excited and chased it for a while :D I loooooove Dolphins :) I'm actually going on a swim-with-Dolphins-trip at the end of May! Exciiiited!

There's the dolphin!
The next day I was on a mission to encounter another kind of "exotic" animal! We went to Heirison Island (pretty much right in the middle of the city) to see some kangaroos - and we did!! We walked around for a bit and then saw two kangaroos. I got a little scared once one of them started hopping towards us but it stopped just in front of us and we started our selfie session ;) They were so calm and didn't care that we took heaps of pictures. I loved it :)

During the week I went to Kings Park for a picnic with a couple of people. Such a nice view from there at night as well!
Kings Park at night
On Wednesday, India, Pia and me went to the Rooftop Movies. It's a pretty cool location to watch a movie!

Cozy in those beach chairs
Skyline view
We went out for a few drinks for St. Patrick's Day on Thursday. That was pretty fun as well!

St. Paddie's Day
The next weekend we went sandboarding in Lancelin! We took the car about 2 hours up north to the amazing Sand Dunes. We had tons of fun!! The pictures may speak for themselves :D
Sand dunes at Lancelin