Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kangaroos, Kings Park Picnic, Rooftop Movies, St. Patrick's Day, Sandboarding ....

I'm busy indeed....Lot's of things to blog about since my last post :D And yes, I'm struggling with keeping up with it :D

After my last event (like a month ago) my colleagues and me went down to the little cove near my place to enjoy some wine and all of the sudden a DOLPHIN showed up!!! I was so excited and chased it for a while :D I loooooove Dolphins :) I'm actually going on a swim-with-Dolphins-trip at the end of May! Exciiiited!

There's the dolphin!
The next day I was on a mission to encounter another kind of "exotic" animal! We went to Heirison Island (pretty much right in the middle of the city) to see some kangaroos - and we did!! We walked around for a bit and then saw two kangaroos. I got a little scared once one of them started hopping towards us but it stopped just in front of us and we started our selfie session ;) They were so calm and didn't care that we took heaps of pictures. I loved it :)

During the week I went to Kings Park for a picnic with a couple of people. Such a nice view from there at night as well!
Kings Park at night
On Wednesday, India, Pia and me went to the Rooftop Movies. It's a pretty cool location to watch a movie!

Cozy in those beach chairs
Skyline view
We went out for a few drinks for St. Patrick's Day on Thursday. That was pretty fun as well!

St. Paddie's Day
The next weekend we went sandboarding in Lancelin! We took the car about 2 hours up north to the amazing Sand Dunes. We had tons of fun!! The pictures may speak for themselves :D
Sand dunes at Lancelin

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