Thursday, April 7, 2016

The day we missed the train while waiting on the platform and more

I needed a couple of days to recover from the Easter trip but we went all in again for the weekend! We went bowling on Friday night (California au pair memories 😊 ) and enjoyed some drinks and live music after. On Saturday, Lana and me went to the hairdresser. Head massage and all for $20...uhhh! Thanks again to my lovely roomie Roma for the coupon :* ! I did a little bit of shopping afterwards. In the evening we had our big night out! We met up at our place and went to Crown (the multi entertainment complex I mentioned in my first Perth post 😉). We went dancing in the nightclub! So fun! Wasn't easy though to get everyone there and we may have lost some along the road! 😉 That was also the night we managed to miss the train...twice! The first time was due to lack of speed from some members of the group 😉 The second time was pure stupidity!! We were on the platform and the train arrived. It stopped in the very front and we were more in the middle/ very back of the platform. We didn't see the need to actually walk a little faster to get on the train...big mistake! 😁 At one point I started running and wanted to hold the doors but they will simply squeeze you if you stay in between..haha I will never forget the faces of everyone when we realized we actually managed to miss that train 😂😂 we couldn't believe that that had just happened! Luckily the next train was due in 8 minutes so we didn't have to wait another half hour. Fun times!

Waiting for the train...again ;)
Eve Nightclub

On Sunday we went to Scarborough beach! The water was still warm enough to swim. We stayed until sunset. The sky was really beautiful! And we got to see a big, public proposal!

This week has been pretty quiet so far. Got a little sick (again). Not the best idea to go back into the ocean at 4.30pm when the sun sets at 6 :D We had a nice BBQ on monday and I did some East Coast trip planning (and lots of blogging) the past days. Today, I went out for a lovely dinner with my amazing flatmates Roma and Miguel. We went to GRAND Bar & Birstro in Perth CBD. It was really fancy and yuuuuummmy!!! The food was soooo good and I had one of the best cocktails ever! Great night!

The roomies!
"We'll instagram that shit!"
The whole place to ourselves

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