Friday, February 22, 2013

Bye Bye Canada

My time in Canada is up! We'll leave Vancouver after a couple of nice days (will blog about that later) tomorrow early morning to go to Seattle.
Thank you Canada for the wonderful time!!! I really liked living and travelling here and hope to come back someday! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Final Weekend in Ottawa

That's it! I'm leaving Ottawa tomorrow after six wonderful, exciting and fun months with so many great people. It's 3am, my suitcases are packed and I'm about to try to get some sleep before getting up again in a few hours to go to the airport and fly to Vancouver. I'm not really tired though which may be because of the last minute pumkin pie I made earlier and gave me a litte sugarrush...

The past few days were filled with a lot of goodbyes but also lots of fun stuff. I had a big to do list and I managed to get everything done (excpet exchanging all my coins for dollar bills because the machine was broken). Last Wednesday I met my langauge tandem buddy Viviane for the last time. We met almost every week since September to talk German and French together. On Thursday we had a few drinks at my friends' place where I was staying and a few more goodbyes followed. Same on Friday. Friday evening we went to an international dance event at city hall which was part of the Winterlude Snow Festival in Ottawa. On Saturday I finally went Ice skating on the Rideau Canal with Xela. It was really nice but our feet were dying after almost two hours on the ice. In the evening I enjoyed the incredible Ottawa night life for the last time (including yet more goodbyes). Today Xela and I went to get my last Beavertail at the market and walked through the Winterlude area again to take some pictures of the ice sculptures. Later we got together again at Natacha's place (where I've been staying this weekend) and hung out a bit for the last time. Then it was time to say goodbye to my lovely former roomie Xela :(
The final packing session started afterwards and now I'm all ready to go. It's so weird that I won't be in Ottawa anymore in a few hours and probably won't come back in a long time but I'm really thankful that I was able to make this experience and I can't wait to travel again to meet all these amazing people again somewhere in this world!!

Goodbye Ottawa, it's been a pleasure and I will miss my life here a lot!! :)


I just checked for the status of our flight and BÄÄÄM! WOOHOO! That's gonna be fun tomorrow......

Monday, February 11, 2013

My last week in Ottawa

Sooo much moving my stuff around Ottawa these days again ....
I moved out of my sublet room last Friday and stayed with Natacha for the weekend and now I'm staying at 2 other friends' place (thank you Camille and Clementine) until Friday and then move back to Natacha's place for the last weekend. What would I do without friends here in Ottawa?? :)
I made a to-do list with stuff I still wanna/need to do while I'm here; it's quite long. One of them is skating on the canal which we didn't manage to do last time cause they didn't have any skates that fit me....apparently I have really big feet for Canadian standards but too tiny legs to be able to wear man skates :( we'll try again. But we went skiing a week ago which was nice. Unfortunately the snow was really bad and basically pure ice so it wasn't the most fun thing ever but still good for a day.
Since I had to move already I'm done packing and my suitcase isn't even too heavy (mainly due to the fact that I sorted out tons of stuff - once again).
I hope I'll get to see and especially eat all the things I plan to so that I can leave Ottawa with no regrets ;)

Skiing at Mont St. Marie