Monday, February 11, 2013

My last week in Ottawa

Sooo much moving my stuff around Ottawa these days again ....
I moved out of my sublet room last Friday and stayed with Natacha for the weekend and now I'm staying at 2 other friends' place (thank you Camille and Clementine) until Friday and then move back to Natacha's place for the last weekend. What would I do without friends here in Ottawa?? :)
I made a to-do list with stuff I still wanna/need to do while I'm here; it's quite long. One of them is skating on the canal which we didn't manage to do last time cause they didn't have any skates that fit me....apparently I have really big feet for Canadian standards but too tiny legs to be able to wear man skates :( we'll try again. But we went skiing a week ago which was nice. Unfortunately the snow was really bad and basically pure ice so it wasn't the most fun thing ever but still good for a day.
Since I had to move already I'm done packing and my suitcase isn't even too heavy (mainly due to the fact that I sorted out tons of stuff - once again).
I hope I'll get to see and especially eat all the things I plan to so that I can leave Ottawa with no regrets ;)

Skiing at Mont St. Marie

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