Thursday, March 10, 2016

Summer, Sun, Beach, Pool and some more of that!

It's already hard to keep up this blog ....sorry :D

LIVING and working in Australia it is! ;)

I met lots of great people already. I posted something on Perth's Backpacker Facebook group a couple of weeks ago and we got a nice group of people together! We've been hanging out a lot - mostly at Brass Monkey! Almost every night :D I'm so glad I only start working at 9am...;)

Brass Monkey
On my first weekend in Perth I went to Kings Park with a couple of people on Saturday and on Sunday we spent the day at Cottesloe Beach. After the beach we briefly stopped by FRINGE Festival which is a comedy festival. We watched a little show and then went home.

Perth Skyline from Kings Park
Kings Park
Cottesloe Beach
Fringe world comedy festival
The next weekend I had my first event from work. It was a big fundraising event for the Think Fragile X Foundation. It was really fun but also quite exhausting. On Sunday I had to recover from the event and didn't do much else.

Best work outfit ever :D
Last week my dear roomie Roma showed me the miracle that is Spudshed! This supermarket offers veggies and fruits for decent prices!! Haha I spent $120 on groceries. Now my shelves are full! Well... I cooked up a storm this week and the fridge is pretty empty again but I guess there's no need to buy pasta, rice etc. for quite a while ;)

Me and my grocery shopping at Spudshed ;)
Last Friday I got off from work around noon and relaxed by the pool in our complex for a couple of hours. At night we hung out at my place and had a little BBQ at a friend's house on Saturday. On Sunday we took the ferry to Rottnest Island. We rented bikes and rode around the island. It was amazing!! We met Quokkas everywhere, enjoyed the amazing views and relaxed on some of the countless beaches on Rottnest. It was a public holiday on Monday so we had more time to hang out at the beach. This time we went to Scarborough beach. I went to the ocean for the first time in Australia and it was fun!!

Rottnest Island
Loving all these beaches here!!
Quokka! So cute :)
Trying to get the perfect Quokka pic! Wasn't easy!
At work I have a Luncheon fundraiser event tomorrow and a trip to Fremantle and a picnic are planned for the weekend. I'm enjoying the weather and I'm working hard on my tan :D Cheers!

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