Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Welcome to Perth

On Saturday it was time for me to go to AUSTRALIA!! The flight was also super chilled and I kept falling asleep... guess I had to catch up on some sleep from the nights before ;) After 5 hours on the plane I landed in Perth. I loved this place from the very first few moments! People are so friendly and positive. I was also immediately reminded of California. It really looks like Silicon Valley over here! It even smells exactly the same! :D  Immigration was not a problem at all! A little stamp in my passport and it was done. They didn't even want to see my Visa ;) Lovely country! I had an AirBnB place booked for the first two weeks and got there around 9pm. I went to get some pizza and afterwards went straight to bed. 

The next morning I started looking for a room to stay in during my stay. I messaged a couple of people on flatmates and posted in the facebook group. I immediately got plenty of offers. But then I saw THE MOST AMAZING PLACE EVER for such a good price (I hope my roommates will read this ;) Hey guys!) I had to get a Premium account and pay about 10€ to be able to message Miguel but it was worth it. I went to see the place at 2pm the same day and it was great! The room is amazing (that mattress...!!), the apartment itself is great aaaaaand it's only a 5 minute walk to my office!!! Actually, I stopped the time today and it's not even 5 minutes ;) Sleeping-as-much-as-she-can-Kathi is very happy about that! :) Later that they Miguel and Roma (my roommates) already told me that I can move in! So the next day I went to my AirBnB place after work, packed my bags and moved to my new home. Miguel came and picked me up in his convertible :D Nice way to move. And the sun was just setting; that was pretty nice and exciting! It was a good feeling to unpack everything and get settled – less than two days after my arrival in Perth. I should be so lucky...:) Oh, did I mention that there is a Pool??!!! ;) I also didn’t have to pay for the AirBnB nights I didn’t use. After I went to see the apartment on Sunday, Dale (whom I know from Ottawa and who lives in Perth) picked me up and drove me around the city. Later we met some of his friends and had a couple of beers at a nice place that has different beer every couple of weeks. It was a very nice first day in Perth!

On Monday morning it was time for my first day of work at Helping Hand Group. Currently there is only Jessica in the office but a new guy will start next week. We tried to get me logged in to the computer but had some difficulty getting the correct password :D It took us 3 days to succeed in logging me in on all platforms I need to use ;) On Monday I checked out all the items that we sell (take a look at Helping Hand Group Australia to see what the company does). It’s pretty cool to see signed guitars from U2, David Bowie and Justin Bieber (ok..the last one is not really cool :D ) or a signed shoe from Ronaldo. On Tuesday we had three meetings scheduled and I accompanied Jessica to all of them. The internship is really fun so far and I think I will have a great time at Helping Hand! 

Last night I went to dinner with my roomie Roma and another German girl. We went to the Crown which is a multi-entertainment complex (definition by Roma). There is a Casino, a Hotel, restaurants, bars, a nightclub etc. We had a really fancy dinner and the others did a bit of gambling. To end the night, we had awesome dessert right by an amazing pool :) 

I still need to open up a bank account which is kinda difficult since the bank closes at 4pm and I work until 5pm…might manage in my lunch break tomorrow. I’m really glad that I don’t need to worry about finding a room andymore J And I also got my Australian phone number and internet back on my phone which is really useful when you’re new to a city and don’t like getting lost :D 

I guess that’s it for now. I hope I did not keep any essential information to myself ;) 
Perth Skyline
Moving to my new place during sunset :)
My Neighborhood
My room
The Crown


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