Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sad Sausages everywhere.....

Hello Everybooodyyyy!
It's almost 1.30 am and since of course I won't be able to fall asleep now anyway I thought I could start my "new" blog. This time in English. Maybe I should change my German blog into English too. It's not like my Grandmas would log in to read it everyday and everybody else should be able to understand English ;) Or I can just Google translate the English version. My German sucks anyway :-D haha.

I had my Goodbye Dinner tonight. Pretty weird. 1 more week in CA now :-( I can't believe how fast 1 year can go by! CRAZY! My last weekend will hopefully be niiiiiice! The last week was horrible cause my complete hostfamily including me was really sick! So I was stuck at home until yesterday evening.

I know there are certain people who still wonder what this whole sausage thing is about... :-) I guess when you hear it it doesn't seem funny at all :-D

The whole thing started when I took my boys to the park and we played soccer. My boys tend to get very frustrated when they don't get what they want RIGHT AWAY! So when E. didn't get the ball once he took off, sat down on a bench and made a really, really sad and mad face. Of course I went  to him and talked to him. I was like "In German we call those people ...eeeehhhh ....well.....a ...sad sausage (beleidigte Leberwurst)!!!" He looked at me and said "what does that even mean??" Haha.
I don't remember how we got to talk about that later but I told Jared about the sad sausage and then Ulli called and pretended she didn't wanna come anymore so Jared said that I was really sad sausage now.
That's basically it. The word "sad" is replaceable by every other word that makes sense or not. Haha.
For everyone who was hoping for something much more fun....sorry. That's it :-D

Did I mention I turned Jared into a very sad and evil sausage tonight at Bowling. IIIIIII WON! ME ME ME ME ME!!! Not that special of course.....ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! :-)

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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOO You won you won you won ! :D
    I'm sure the sad sausage story IS funny... I'm laughing :D