Friday, October 19, 2012

Toronto & Niagara Falls

Here's the post for my Toronto trip 2 weeks ago.

We rented a car and some of us left on Thursday evening. We spent Friday discorvering Toronto. We went to the CN Tower (not up though), passed some skyscrapers and took a little break at the University of Toronto. Afterwards we went to Lawrence market to have lunch. It's a nice market hall with tons of food and we even got some free cheese (real cheese) samples! I was happy :) Later we went down to the "water" (aka Lake Ontario) and had ice cream before heading to Yonge-Dundas-Square which is a little bit like Times Square. There's also the Eaton Center where we went shopping at H&M. We don't have one in Ottawa so I was able to get a new pair of my beloved H&M leggins ;) After that we returned to the hostel to get ready for a nice night out with lots of other international students. The nice night out turned out to be pretty different from what we expected. To cut a long story short, Tessie and Solenne got kicked out of the club because of nothing or better because they didn't wanna dance with some annoying guys and then security said they were starting a fight although they were just trying to get away from them.......  Craaaazyyyy. Later in the hostel we just wanted to cook some pasta but they wouldn't let us go into the kitchen because there was a fight. 5 police officers were downstairs at the hostel and one of the guys' white shirt was completely red. People seem to get in fights here all the time..... So we just hung out on the stairs for a while before we went to bed. We wanted to go out again on Saturday but let's just say that we were not meant to have an awesome party night in Toronto....
On Saturday morning we went to Niagara Falls and did the maid of the mist tour. We had an awesome time and so much fun that day!! I had already been on the US side of the falls but I think the Canadian side is a lot more beautiful and there's basically a small Las Vegas with lots of stuff to do.
On Sunday some of us went to Wonderland which is an amusement park but I stayed in the city and we strolled through Chinatown and to Kensington Market where we had a 'big fat burrito' for lunch. After that we walked back through the city to the lake and took the ferry to the Toronto Islands. You have a great view on the skyline from there. Before we got back to the hostel we walked past the old and new city hall.
We started our 5 our drive back to Ottawa in the evening and got back home at around 1.30am. Personally, I wasn't that fascinated by Toronto and think Ottawa is way more beautiful. There's a lot of constructions going on in Toronto and the city didn't have that special something. We had a great time though but I'm glad that I study in Ottawa <3

CN Tower

Shopping at H&M

Yonge Dundas Square

Niagara Falls - Maid of the mist tour

Niagara Falls

crazy people

We call it 'The Chines Guy Pose'

Skyline from Toronto Islands


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