Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday Fun

Woohoo I'm 23!
After staying up until 3 am finishing a paper that was due on my birthday and getting up quite early, going to class, staying home for a while and going to class again the fun part of my birthday started at 9pm with a nice dinner with some friends. We went to "Royal" and most of us had burgers. Yumm Yumm :))) So that was Wednesday and then yesterday we had our big party. It was Tessie's birthday on the 6th so we celebrated together and had a houseparty at our place (Tessie lives at the residence so the "location" choice was pretty obvious"). It was FUN! Pretty crowded but FUN! And this morning a looooot of beer bottles and sticky floors.

birthday dinner


Jello Shots :)

Birthday girls

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  1. haha even I wanna have those shots haha so colorful and nice !! :D