Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time flies

Christmas is only one month away which means that most of my friends here will be leaving soon :((((
I've been busy with school stuff the past weeks. I have lots of group projects which are fun but it can get really annoying when you have to get 5 people to meet at the same time. In my aboriginal studies class we had to design a center for First Nations People and specifically for Indian Residential School Survivors. If you never heard about that before you should google it. It's really upsetting that so many people don't know about what the Canadian government did to Indian people. One of my jobs for the project was to design a homepage where we put the information about the center. It's all hypothetical of course but if you're interested you can take a look:

And I've been sick. Again. I lost my voice twice in a week. Exchange life is exhausting.... ;)
But that doesn't keep me from doing stuff :D
Last weekend we went to see a Basketball game. UOttawa against McMaster University. It was nice and we won :) We're going to see a Hockey game later today. Unfortunately, due to the NHL Lockout, there are no professional Hockey games at the moment so that's the only Canadian Hockey experience we will get while we're here.

We're trying to do as much stuff as we can now because we have so little time left together. We only have two more weeks of class and then finals. Next week the International Office already has a farewell party planned. I don't want the semester to be over :((((

PS: We had the first snow today that actually stayed on the ground for a bit. 

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