Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last day of class at UOttawa & more

So today I had the last class at the University of Ottawa!! It's crazy how fast the semester has passed by. I've had the rest of my presentations last week and handed in papers yesterday and today (including a night shift until 5am) and now there's 'only' one paper and two finals left. So the next week includes quite some studying.

I also solved the problem of not having a place to stay in January! I found a room for sublet until February 8th and then I only have one more week until I leave to Vancouver and then San Francisco!

We're still trying to do stuff together as much as possible with our busy exam schedules. We had a lovely girls sleepover party on Monday evening at our place. Lots of food and girl talk ;) I missed the movie though cause I had to get back to my paper ...
Tonight, we're making Pizza because we all LOVE to eat and eating together is more fun of course :D And we wanna celebrate the last day of class a bit :)



  1. coolest austrian girl in ze whole wide wooorldDecember 5, 2012 at 6:48 PM

    Of course Katharina LOOOOVEESS to eat! :P you will never change!! ;)

  2. why would I change something that's so good ;)

  3. Awesome !!! Can you take me to SF tooooo?!?! :D