Monday, August 13, 2012

About time I start blogging again!

I remember my plans to replace my German blog/homepage with this one after I left the US almost two years ago...didn't really work :D
I guess now is the perfect time to try it again because I will be leaving for a semester in Canada in one week (August 21st).
Preparations are pretty much done: Got my visa, registered for classes, booked a hostel for the first nights, moved out of my room in Bonn and already started packing! The first goodbyes have also been said and many more are following this week :( But this time I'll only be gone for seven months and we all know how fast time goes by!
The first thing I'll have to do in Ottawa is to find an apartment cause I didn't get on-campus housing and  finding a place from here is kind of difficult :) Classes start in the first week of September so I'll have some time to get settled before that.

That's it for now! Au revoir and bye bye!

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