Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day

So today was my first day in Ottawa and I already saw and did a lot of things.
I slept quite well altough it was a little warm in the room. Around noon Georg (another student from Bonn) and his study buddy picked me up at the hostel and we went to the university to get some information on what we need to do next etc. and got out student IDs.
Later we went to the mall to grab some lunch and try to find out what mobile phone service is best for us. I got a bunch of flyers now and will figure something out, it's pretty expensive here compared to Germany ( I miss you BASE even though you suck... :D).
We also strolled around parliament hill and saw some of the government buildings which are really beautiful and got a look to the other side of the Ottawa river which already is Quebec.
Now I am back at the hostel and doing some more research on phone stuff, bank accounts and apartments....
In the evening I went to a light show with some others who are staying at the hostel. It's called "mosaika" and it's a light show on the parliament building that depicts Canada's history. It was pretty cool. Of course, stupid me forget to take her camera chip out of the laptop so I only had my phone to take pictures.... Fortunately, the show runs every night until september so I guess I'll go back there and take some proper pictures. (Btw I have an album on FB)


  1. YEY you have a bloggggggggg !!! :D SWEET !

  2. yes! i revived it. and this time in english. :)