Saturday, August 25, 2012

This country is expensive!!!

I managed to get a lot of stuff done the past 2 days. I opened a bank account (which is surprisingly for free; with limitations though), finally decided which phone company to go with and I am one step closer to finding an apartment.
It's unbelievable with what stuff Canadians try to make money.... phone plans are so expenisve!!! I decided to go with Fido and for $20 I get unlimited texts and 50 anytime minutes (Freiminuten). Funny thing is you need to pay an extra $6 a month to be able to see what number is calling you - even if you've saved the number in your phone. That's ridiculous! Food is also quite expensive here!
Concerning the apartment: I decided to try one of the pretty expensive "international houses". These houses are located right next to the campus and have 4-5 bedrooms for students. We need to get a group of 5 people together to be able to view the place on monday. We've found enough people already so for now I'm waiting until monday to see if it works out.
Apart from all the organizing stuff it's really great. The people in the hostel are nice and we're hanging out together in the evenings and helping each other getting things done here :)

Btw: they're just reporting about the women who has been killed by a tiger in the 'Kölner Zoo' today on Canadian TV right now.


  1. Das hört sich ja nicht schlecht an :) Freut mich sehr, dass du da guten Anschluss gefunden hast!!! Nur schade, dass alles so teuer ist!!! HAHA .... drücke dir/euch die Daumen, dass das am Montag klappt!!!

  2. Hey,
    ich hoffe es hat geklappt mit dem Appartment.
    6 Dollar um zu sehen wer einen anruft, da ist schon ziemlich dreist. Dann lieber überraschen lassen :D

    Wünsche dir noch viele schöne Tage :)

    lg aus der Erftstädter Sonne 8-)