Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday Madness & To-Do List Tuesday

We had an appointment to see the international house monday at 1.30pm and 3 girls of our group were waiting in front of the house. One girl was supposed to come a little later as she didn't arrive in Ottawa before 2pm. Another girl was supposed to be there but was on a house viewing tour through the city and couldn't make it. When the mysterious "Cécile" from off-campus housing didn't show up by 2 I went to their office. Apparently they had forgotten to contact us because Cécile was in a meeting to sign a lease.... They told me that we should wait until the group was complete and then come back to the office so they could show us the place. Nicola (from Australia) had another house viewing at 3 and we had to find somebody else as the 5th person (which we did in the office; a Spanish girl I already messaged with on fb) so when we had a complete group together at the office at 3.30 Cécile's assistant told us that it was now too late to see the house :( bummer! We set another appointment for tuesday morning and just went to the house next door where other students had just moved in so we could take a look. The place looked pretty nice and we were all sure we would say yes to 'our' house the next morning. Nicola had to decide in the evening if she wanted to take the international house or another place. She decided to go with the other place but fortunately I had a few backups and a lucky Norwegian girl made it into the group.
This drama took a few hours so by the time we left the housing office and I wanted to register for two more classes and pay my insurance, the other offices were closed already :( bummer No. 2!
Monday evening we wanted to go see the light show again but since it had rained a lot during the day and more rain was forecast the show was canceled so we all went to a bar (I guess +20 people).

I managed to get a lot more done on Tuesday! Starting with the house viewing at 9.30. The house is really nice and we all agreed to definitely take it. We hoped to be able to sign the lease the same day but Cécile did not have time for us that day either. (I'm still not sure that she really exists! I won't believe it before I see her :) She is like Charlie from Charlie's angels. Only hear about her but never get to see her). We got appointment on Wednesday 11.30 to sign the lease.
We were done at the house at around 10. 30 so I managed to go to my faculty and register for two more classes. They let me into the public relations class so I'm pretty excited about that.
Then I went to Tabaret Hall to pay my insurance which took me more than an hour :(
When I got to the hostel Sasha (from France) and Dale (Australia) told me that they bought pretty cheap pillows and blankets at Sears. The store is closing so they're having a big sale. I went there and was very lucky to get the last pillow for $5 and a blanket set with sheets, pillow case and everything else you might possibly need for your bed for only $30. The woman there was so sweet and scanned all coupons she had and I didn't even need to pay tax!
Tuesday evening we went to the light show and after that a bunch of us to a bar for some beer :)
I crossed a lot of things off my to-do list ;)

It's wednesday morning 10.30 and I'm about to leave to sign the lease!! I really hope that in a few hours I can say "I have found a place!" :D

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