Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It was nice to stay in the hostel for more than a week but now it's time to say goodbye

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! It feels so good to have finally signed the lease for the house and be able to unpack my suitcase!!! After staying at the backpackers for a week and having a great time there and meeting lots of nice people I'm about to start packing my stuff and bring it to my new place. It took about 2 hours to go through the papers etc until we finally got the keys to the house.
After checking out the house a little more we decided to go to Walmart to get some stuff. We didn't need to buy a lot cause whoever lived there before left pots, pans, plates etc. We just got a few things so we can clean the house.
We don't have internet for now but I hope that we can get it soon. It's only a 30 second walk to a university  building with wifi so I might just go there to check mails etc.

Btw our house will be very international with a French, Norwegian, Spanish, Canadian and German girl :D

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  1. YAY! Just so u know I found the perfect flight!!! :) will tell u all about it when we have time to skype!! :) xx