Saturday, September 1, 2012

Unpacking never felt that good!

Wednesday evening we started cleaning the house and unpacking our things. The first night in my new room was pretty nice - especially not being woken up by somebody else climbing out of their hostel bed or switching the lights on at 7am. It was also quite awesome to be able to open my closet in the morning, see all my clothes wihtout having to look through my suitcase and just pick something to wear :D
On thursday some of us went to visit the parliament. We went up the peace tower first and had a great view over the city. Afterwards we had a guided tour through the parliament. It was pretty interesting to see everything but I would like to go back and see Canadian politicians in action ;)
In the evening our neighbors (also an international house) had a 'house-warming' party and the house was packed with people! It was fun and nice to meet even more students. They're everywhere....I don't know that many people in Ottawa yet but everywhere I go I see some of them :D
Friday was a rather lazy day. I slept in and met up with Georg to go to the Backpackers hostel and we had lunch with a few friends who couldn't move in until today. Later some of us walked around the neighborhood and picked up furniture for their place since their house is unfurnished (people throw a lot of stuff out at the moment since many are moving Sept 1).
Today we walked around Campus. The different departments were there to welcome the new students with way too loud music :D It was not very communicative and they didn't really bother to make people feel welcome as they had their little private parties and just danced around. They sell welcome packages for 80$ and then you get to participate in the activities. Strange. We decided to go to parliament hill and do some sightseeing. We went to the locks and stayed there for a while to see how the ships went up the Rideau Canal. After that we crossed the bridge over the Ottawa River and walked to Quebec. It's kinda fun to be able to live that close to another province. We had lunch there and thought we'd just get some beer there cause it's supposed to be cheaper over there. We found a 20 pack for $22 and were surprised that it is that cheap but it turned out that in Quebec the alcohol prices do not include tax so we actually paid $28. We guess it's still a little cheaper than in Ontario though :D Of course we had to carry it all the way back to our place (30 minute walk) so next time we'll just get it here again :D
We're going to another international house party tonight and probably to a student brunch tomorrow. So there's lots to do :)

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