Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free Lunch, Laundry Day and Boat Cruise

"The Gang" (inofficial name of my roomies and me) went to the President's Brunch/ Lunch on campus on Sunday morning after a rather long night out (Canadian standards). It was an activity that's part of the welcome week for first year students and we just went there and had some burgers and hot dogs :) Just after we sat down a man came to our table and introduced himself. Tonje, Tamara and me didn't understand what he was saying and just shook his hands and said our names and then asked if he could take a picture of all of as. He was really nice and friendly and when he was gone I said "Who was that?" and the others at the table started laughing cause that was the president of the university....ooops :D
Later that day I went to Sasha's place and saw their house for the first time. They managed to furnish the whole house with stuff from the street. It's pretty nice! They needed some more stuff though so we went free furniture hunting once again :)

I slept in on monday and had a very lazy day. Xela, Tonje and me went to a laundry place to wash our clothes (we don't have a washing machine at our place). It turned out to be quite fun as we played phase 10 and had little weird encounter with a girl who was really desperate to become my friend... :D
In the evening a lot of international students went on a boat cruise party. There was a bar and a dancefloor on the boat. It was nice to party on a boat altough we were all veeeeery tired and we didn't get back before 3am and most of us had to be on campus at 8.30 for the Welcome Day.
I only slept for 3 hours which is why I was super tired today. I survived the extremely interesting and informative Welcome Day presentations and afterwards met Sasha, Cristian and some others who attended a different Welcome meeting. We were told about "the free store" where you can get all kinds of things for free (clothes, books, kitchen stuff) so we went there and found even more free things for Sasha etc's place. I scored a Cher CD :D
And once again, we got free lunch on campus..... just pretend to be a graduate student; they don't really check if you're telling the truth ;)

Tomorrow is my first class and I am prettttttyyyyy excited :) Kind of weird though to have to go to class again. I got so used to just haning out with the others and almost forgot that I came here to study :) Btw I'm here since two weeks already!

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