Monday, September 17, 2012

What a lovely day

We went to yet another house warming party on Friday and had a rather lazy day on saturday (including free BBQ - once again) because we needed to rest for Sunday.
We got up early on Sunday morning to go hiking in Gatineau Park which is just across the Ottawa river on the Quebec side in Gatineau. We took a cab there and hiked for two hours through the beautiful forest until we reached the 'Pink Lake'. The weather was perfect and the view over the lake was amazing!! We enjoyed our lunch there, walked a little bit around the lake and took some pictures (my sunglasses fell down the rocks when I wanted to sit down :( ).
Some of us came to the park by bike and Sasha's chain broke so we had to get back to the info center to get her bike before going home. We devided our big group into smaller ones because some wanted to stay a little longer and some didn't have a bike to take home so my roomies ask people if they could give them a ride back to Ottawa and Sasha and me asked if someone could take us to the info point. And since Canadians are so nice it worked! :D Sasha and me still had to WALK all the way back from the park to our homes with her broken bike. It took us two hours :( I was kind of exhausting but the day was so nice it didn't really matter :) I feel these two hours today though .... my calves hurt like crazy - even when I sit.
This week I'm gonna be very busy reading for my classes and prepare for the whale watching trip next weekend.

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