Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whale Watching in Tadoussac & Quebec City

Last Friday morning 6am I left Ottawa for the first time in a month (can't believe I left Germany more than a month ago already....). We were a group of around 50 students and I believe only internationals. We made a long lunch break just outside of Quebec City and had time to visit the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. It's a really beautiful church!

We continued to the bus ride and arrived at the ferry to take us to the hostel in Tadoussac at around 5pm. Before dinner the whole group went for a walk and had a beautiful view on the city and the St. Lawrence river.

We had a pretty Canadian dinner at the hostel and I went to bed early cause I was soooooo tired and we had the whale watching scheduled early on Saturday morning.
So the next morning we walked to the whale watching place where we got extra pants and jackets cause it gets really, really cold on the boats once they leave the coast. I think about 25 people fit on one boat so we several boats that took us out on the St. Lawrence River (which is huuuuuuge!!). The boat went soooo fast that I had to hold on to my hat so it wouldn't just fly away :) It took around 15-20 minutes until the boat stopped going that fast and we started looking out for the whales. It didn't take long until we saw one pretty close to our boat. We all got really excited :D You have to be patient cause the whales only appear for a short time and then go diving for 10 minutes until they show up again. At one point one whale was right next to our boat and stupid me had zoomed in with my camera earlier when the whale was further away so that I was not able to get a picture of the whale. I got way too nervous, the boat was shaking and my hands were kinda frozen so I didn't manage to zoom out in time to get a picture :( Fortunately my roomie Tonje got a few really good ones which I will steal from her :D After probably almost an hour our 'captain' took us to some pretty waterfalls and then back to the coast. After 2 hours on the boat we were really cold and wet but it was so amazing to see the whales that close. One of our groups even got to see the tail of the whale.

On the boat - with fancy clothes

We had lunch afterwards and then got back on the bus to go to Quebec City where we arrived around 6pm.
Before going out to dinner everybody took showers to wash off the salty water after the whale watching. Our group leader and guide Stephan had booked a nice dinner at a restaurant for the whole group. After the dinner we went to a pub to have some drinks and later to a club. It was a very fun night!!

We met an "interesting" guy (picture) at the bar who told us that he will go to Norway to work for an oil company soon, then go to Australia to work in the mines and then go to Germany to work for Audi (because you save the best for last ;) )! It was hilarious!!!

On Sunday morning we had a walking tour through Quebec City. Our guide told us lots of things about the history of the city and Canada. It's a very beautiful city and I really want to go back! After the tour we had some time to explore the city by ourselves and at 4.30pm we met up to go back on the bus and head towards Ottawa. Just outside of Quebec we stopped for another dinner (All you can eat!!!! yumm yumm!). We arrived in Ottawa at around 11.30pm - exhausted and really tired! It was an awesome trip and I'm so glad I worked hard the last year to save money for these kind of things!!

The view on the St. Lawrence river from Quebec City
La château Frontenac

The government of Quebec

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